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DECNO GROUP LTD has been focusing on manufacturing researching and selling flooring products for almost 20 years Main products include laminate flooring SPC flooring WPC flooring luxury vinyl flooring and engineered wood flooring We not only provide OEM services to those who have their own brand but also establish our own brand based on our strong production and research capacity DECNO is devoted to making itself as a synonym of innovative and healthy flooring Looking for distributors in the worldwide let s set up with environmental protection concepts and a brand of innovations INNOVATIVE DECNO believes ideas make the difference Every floor of DECNO is a work of intelligence It maintains...

Categories and Products

Waterproof Laminate Flooring

New Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Eco-friendly Laminate Flooring New Materials Modern Style waterproof laminate flooring 8mm New Design 8mm AC4 Embossed Laminate Flooring HDF Commercial 12mm Waterproof Wood Laminate Flooring 12mm HDF Water-proof Laminate Flooring for bathroom AC3 HDF 12mm Waterproof Laminate Flooring 12mm AC3 V-groov 100% Waterproof Laminate Flooring planks 12mm Waterproof Laminate Flooring for bathrooms 8mm 12mm Factory Direct Waterproof Laminate Wood Flooring 8mm HDF Waterproof Laminate Flooring 12mm HDF waterproof laminate flooring for bathrooms New product 12mm HDF waterproof/soundproof laminate flooring 12mm HDF AC3 Grey Waterproof Laminate Flooring 

SPC Flooring

4.0mm SPC Flooring

4.0mm SPC flooring with click 4.0mm Waterproof Spc Flooring High Quality Spc Vinyl Flooring Planks High Quality Spc Flooring Unilin Click Rigid Core Spc Flooring 100% Waterproof SPC Vinyl Flooring Stone Rigid Vinyl Flooring Buy SPC Floor Tiles Waterproof Fire Resistant Spc Flooring Rigid Core SPC Flooring SPC Flooring E.I.R. Surface Innovative Waterproof 4mm SPC flooring bathroom 4.0mm Water Resistant Spc Flooring tile Suppliers Click 5.0/0.3mm and 0.5mm Vinyl Plank Flooring 4.0mm With 0.3mm Wear Layer Spc Flooring 4.0mm with 0.3 abrasion layer waterproof SPC floor vinyl rigid core spc valinge plastic flooring 4mm 5mm SPC vinilico piso click sistema 4.0 mm SPC vinilico piso SPC Piso Rigido núcelo vinilico piso 

5.0mm SPC Flooring

Anti-slip Spc Floating Floor 5.0mm High Temperature Resistantce SPC Flooring 5.0mm Stone Pattern Vinyl Floor 5.0mm 100% UV Resistant spc flooring Waterproof SPC CORE Flooring 5.0mm spc tile commercial 5mm SPC flooring E.I.R. 5mm spc floor malt finish 5mm spc core flooring 5mm waterproof spc floor 5.0mm New Material SPC Vinyl Flooring SPC Flooring Innovative E.I.R. Surface bathroom used SPC flooring concrete color 

6.0 SPC Flooring

New Product 6mm/0.5 spc tile 6mm spc Indoor tile Waterproof 6mm spc tile 6mm spc tile in engineered tile 6mm SPC plank in engineered plank 6mm spc plank pvc click 6mm SPC rigid plank 6mm Stone plastic composite plank 6mm Waterproof durable spc plank 6mm Stone plastic composite tile 

7.0 SPC Flooring

7mm very popular spc flooring tile 7mm spc tile E.I.R 7mm waterproof spc plank 7mm rigid core flooring spc flooring 7mm Anti-slip Surface spc plank 7mm Anti-fire spc tile 7mm very popular spc flooring 6.5mm rigid core spc flooring 7mm spc floor for the bathroom 7mm spc plank wood grain Kitchen used SPC flooring concrete color 6mm waterproof Stone Plastic Flooring 

SPC Flooring With Cork

4mm spc floor with cork 5 mm spc floor with cork 3.2mm Vinyl spc tile with cork spc plank residential with cork spc rigid vinyl palnk with cork moisture-proof spc tile with cork waterproof spc floor with cork 5mm/0.5 spc plank with cork 4mm spc plank with cork spc Composite plank with cork luxury vinyl plank spc click flooring 

SPC Flooring With IXPE

High Quality SPC Floor with IXPE IXPE underlay for SPC flooring SPC flooring Embossed IXPE Underlayment IXPE Foam anti-bacterial underlay for SPC flooring SPC Click flooring with IXPE Foam 4mm SPC flooring with 1mm IXPE 2mm IXPE silent underlayment for spc flooring 1mm IXPE underlay for SPC flooring XPE Underlay for SPC flooring Moistureproof IXPE Foam for SPC flooring 

Rigid Flooring

4mm 100% Waterproof Rigid SPC Flooring Unilin click rigid SPC flooring New Advanced Vinyl Rigid Core SPC Flooring 5.0mm SPC Rigid Vinyl Flooring wear-resistant non-slip anti-flame spc rigid flooring 4.0mm Rigid SPC Flooring Rigid SPC WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring Hot Sale Rigid Core Vinyl Floors The Newest SPC Rigid Flooring SPC Rigid flooring Solution Rigid Core SPC Vinyl Floors Manufacturers 

Laminate Flooring

Hot sell & New laminate flooring

New Products E.I.R. Laminate Flooring HDF Hot Selling 10mm Oak Wood Laminate Flooring Hot Products 12mm E.I.R. Laminate Flooring HDF New Design Crystal Laminate Flooring 8mm AC3 New Design Fishbone Color Laminate Flooring New Design of AC4 HDF Laminate Flooring 12mm Embossed Laminate Flooring EU Standard 1386 x197mm Laminate Flooring 1386mm long board Laminate Flooring 1386x197x12mm HDF wooden Laminate Flooring Oak Laminate Flooring Products Manufacturers 12mm Ac3 European Oak Hdf Laminate Flooring 8mm german technology laminate wood flooring 

Black HDF Core Laminate Flooring

12mm HDF Black Oak laminate flooring 12mm Black HDF waterproof Laminate Flooring Black 8mm mdf Emboss Laminate Flooring High Quality 8mm black core laminate flooring Hot sale black handscrpaed laminate floor Black Hdf Core Laminated Flooring Waterproof 1218 x 196 mm black laminate flooring HDF Black oak Deep embossed laminate flooring Oak Waterproof 8mm Black Laminate Flooring 12mm AC4 HDF Black Oak Laminate Flooring 

8mm Laminate Flooring

8mm E.I.R. Laminate Flooring AC3 8mm AC3 Crystal Surface Laminate Flooring 8mm Laminated Flooring Ac3 Click System AC3 HDF 8mm laminate flooring Small Embossed Laminate Flooring 8mm 8mm AC4 crystal Laminate Flooring 8mm Crystal Surfaced HDF Laminate Flooring 8mm AC4 mdf Waterproof Laminate Flooring Handscraped HDF AC4 wooden Laminate Flooring 8mm 8mm Unilin Click Euro Lock Laminate Flooring​ 8mm 12mm Piso Laminado HDF Class 32 AC3 8mm Piso Laminado AC3 Click Sistema 

10mm Laminate Flooring

10mm AC3 E.I.R. Laminate Flooring 10mm AC4 Waterproof Laminate Flooring New color 10mm AC3 waterproof HDF laminate flooring Hot selling 10mm hdf Laminated Flooring 10mm AC4 crystal laminate flooring 10mm Unilin Click Euro Lock Laminate Flooring AC4 HDF 10mm laminate flooring High Quality 10mm Hdf Laminated Flooring Handscraped HDF AC4 Laminate Flooring 10mm 10mm AC3 laminate flooring 

12mm Laminate Flooring

12mm AC3 E.I.R. Laminate Flooring 12mm AC4 crystal laminate flooring High Quality 12mm Hdf Laminated Flooring AC3 HDF 12mm laminate flooring AC3 12mm E.I.R. Laminate Flooring Hot Selling 12mm hdf mdf Laminated Flooring Ac5 Small Embossed Wooden Laminate Flooring 12mm AC3 Waterproof HDF Laminate Flooring 12mm Unilin Click Euro Lock Laminate Flooring Handscraped HDF AC4 wooden Laminate Flooring Piso Laminado De Tecnologia Alemana Pisos De Madera HDF de alta calidad Piso Flotante AC4 HDF 8mm 

Herringbone Series Flooring

New Design Herringbone Series Laminate Flooring 8mm Herringbone Laminate Flooring 8mm Herringbone Series Flooring Waterproof Herringbone Wood Flooring HDF AC4 Herringbone Laminate Flooring 10mm AC4 Herringbone Laminate Flooring high quality Herringbone Laminate Floor 12mm HDF Herringbone Laminate Wooden Flooring AC4 Herringbone Laminate Flooring 8mm ac3 Herringbone Laminate Flooring Herringbone fishbone wood laminate flooring 

OAK Series Laminate Flooring

OAK Series Laminate Flooring 12mm Oak Laminate Flooring EIR 8mm AC3 Grey Oak Laminate Flooring AC3 OAK E.I.R Laminate Flooring 12mm AC4 Series HDF Laminate Flooring 12mm Oak Series Laminate Flooring Ac4 Oak Laminate Flooring Small embossed OAK laminate flooring 12mm handscraped OAK laminate flooring 10mm OAK Series Laminate Flooring 

Euro Style Laminate Flooring

Ac4 Euro Style Laminate Flooring Euro Style Class 31 AC3 Grade Laminate Flooring Euro Click Laminate Flooring Euro Style wood Laminate Flooring Euro Style Click Laminate Flooring Euro Style Laminate Flooring MDF HDF Euro Style EIR Laminate Flooring Crystal Surface Laminate Flooring High Quality Euro Style Laminate Flooring Euro Click 8mm HDF Laminate Flooring 

Classic Series Laminate Flooring

12mm Ac4 Classical Hdf Laminate Flooring 8mm Classic Oak Plank Laminate Flooring Classic Series Laminate Flooring 12mm classical HDF AC4 Small Embossed laminate flooring Classic Hand Scraped Series U-groove Laminate Flooring HDF Classic 12mm Wood Laminate Flooring Classical series E.I.R. laminate flooring Classic Series MDF Laminate Flooring Classic Series Medium Embossed Laminate Flooring 8mm AC3 Classic Laminate Flooring 

E.I.R. Laminate Flooring

AC3 E.I.R laminate flooring High Quality E.I.R Laminated Flooring 12mm E.I.R Laminate Flooring Multi Layer E.I.R Laminate Flooring Hot Selling 10mm E.I.R Laminate Wood Flooring waterproof E.I.R. laminate wood flooring 8mm E.I.R. Wood Laminated Flooring Laminate Flooring E.I.R surface v-groove Ac4 8mm E.I.R Laminate Floor 8mm E.I.R. Laminate Flooring 

Long Board Laminate Flooring

Long Board Laminate Flooring 12mm Long Board Laminate Floor Long Board Commercial Laminated Flooring Long board Oak Laminate Wood Flooring Ac3 class 31 HDF Longboards Laminate Flooring High Quality long board laminate flooring Waterproof Laminate Flooring Long Board Long Board E.I.R Laminate Flooring Deep Embossed Long Board Laminate Flooring 12mm Crystal Surfaced long board laminate flooring 

Random Length Laminate Flooring

Random Length 12mm Unilin royalty laminate flooring Embossed Random Length Laminate Flooring Hot Selling Random Length Laminate Flooring Random Length 12mm HDF Laminate Flooring Random Length Hand Scraped Laminate Flooring Laminate Flooring Random Length AC3 HDF Laminate Flooring AC4 HDF 8mm Laminate Flooring New Design AC4 Random Length 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring Laminate Flooring European Design 

Random Width Laminate Flooring

8mm Random Width Laminate Flooring 12mm Random Width Laminate Flooring Random Width Laminate Flooring Unilin Click Random Width Laminate Wooden Flooring Laminate Flooing with Random Width Random Width 12mm Laminate Flooring with Best Price Random Width Handscraped 8mm laminate flooring Random width laminate flooring 12mm random width oak laminate flooring Oak Random Width laminate flooring 

Parquet Laminate Flooring

8mm E.I.R. Parquet Laminate Flooring Waterproof Commercial Laminate Parquet Flooring High Quality Ac3 Parquet Wood Laminate Flooring 12mm Hdf Laminate Parquet Flooring Waterproof Parquet Laminate Flooring 8mm AC3 High Quality 10mm AC4 Parquet Laminate Flooring Ac3 10mm Parquet Laminate Floor Oak Laminate Parquet Wood Flooring 12mm Parquet Wooden Laminate Floor 12mm AC4 parquet Laminate Flooring with best price 

Laminate Flooring With Pad

HDF AC4 Laminate Flooring with Antinoise Pad laminate flooring with silent pad 12mm E.I.R. laminate flooring with 2mm silent pad 8mm AC5 Grade Laminate Flooring with EVA Pad 8mm Laminate Flooring with Padding Hot Sale Padded Laminate Flooring 10mm New Design Silent Pad for Laminate Flooring 12mm EVA Pad handscraped laminate flooring Hot Sale 8mm Cork Pad Laminate Flooring Padding Oak Hardwood Laminate Flooring Products 

WPC Flooring

Hot Sell & New WPC Flooring

Eco-friendly waterproof Wpc flooring Lvt Tile WPC Flooring With Cork 8.5mm/0.5 WPC plank with cork WPC Vinyl Plank with Cork Backing 7mm Click WPC Vinyl Flooring 8.5mm WPC flooring for the bathroom What is WPC flooring exactly? How does WPC flooring differ from LVT flooring? What is WPC vinyl flooring? New Product Waterproof WPC flooring residential indoor using wpc wood plastic composite 

7.0mm WPC Core Flooring

7mm WPC flooring 0.3mm wearlayer 7.0mm Waterproof wpc vinyl flooring 7mm waterproof wpc core flooring 7mm Wood Plastic Core Flooring Hot sale 7mm Luxury WPC flooring 7mm WPC vinyl plank flooring 7mm WPC Waterproof Wood Flooring 7mm WPC Click Flooring 100% Waterproof wpc indoor flooring 7mm WPC Core Flooring 

8.5mm WPC Core Flooring

8mm Wooden Click Lock Wpc Flooring 8.5mm NEW design Waterproof WPC Flooring Anti-slip Surface wpc flooring 5.5mm 8.5mm Waterproof WPC Vinyl Flooring Best WPC Waterproof Flooring waterproof WPC floor with cork 8.5mm WPC Core Flooring 1.5mm Cork waterproof WPC flooring with cork WPC flooring vs LVT / LVP flooring Layers of WPC Vinyl Flooring 

WPC Vinyl Flooring

5.5mm Cheapest Price WPC Flooring For Sale Wood Plastic Composite Flooring 7.0mm High Quality Waterproof Wpc Flooring Best Prices on Waterproof WPC Flooring Flooring Benefits of WPC Vinyl Plank Flooring 8.5mm WPC Core Flooring 1mm Cork What is WPC flooring ? What Does WPC Flooring Stand For? Pros of WPC Vinyl Flooring WPC Vinyl Flooring Thickness Options WPC flooring Long board WPC flooring vs LVT Flooring WPC flooring vs laminate flooring 

WPC Flooring With XPE

WPC Vinyl Flooring with XPE Moisture-proof WPC Flooring with xpe 7mm Waterproof Vinyl WPC Flooring with xpe moistureproof Wood Plastic Composite flooring Waterproof 5.5mm-8.5mm WPC Vinyl Flooring High Stain Resistant WPC Click Vinyl Flooring WPC Vinyl PVC Flooring Plank Tile 1.5mm IXPE silent underlayment for WPC flooring WPC flooring with XPE underlay 1mm IXPE underlay for WPC flooring 

Vinyl Flooring

Dryback Vinyl Flooring

2mm Dryback Vinyl Flooring 2.0/0.2mm dryback vinyl flooring 3mm Gluedown Vinyl Flooring Wood Grain Waterproof Dryback 3mm Vinyl Flooring Grey Vinyl Dryback Plastic Flooring 3.0mm Commercial dryback luxury vinyl tile Dryback LVT PVC Flooring Vinyl Flooring High Quality Dryback PVC Vinyl Tiles Eco-friendly dryback marble grain vinyl flooring Vinyl Flooring Wood Series Dryback System 

Click Vinyl Flooring

High Quality 3.0mm Click Vinyl Flooring Click Lock PVC Vinyl Plank Flooring Vinyl Click Flooring 4.0mm 4mm Luxury LVT Click Vinyl Plank Flooring 5mm Click Luxury Vinyl Flooring Click Pvc Vinyl Flooring 5mm Vinyl Flooring Click Lock For Sale Luxury PVC Vinyl plank floor 4mm click lock Waterproof durable healthy click pvc vinyl floor 100% Waterproof Click System Vinyl Flooring 

Loose Lay Series Vinyl Flooring

5mm Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring 5.0/0.5mm Vinyl flooring loose lay Loose lay type vinyl flooring Hot Selling Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring Waterproof 4mm thick luxury loose lay vinyl flooring Loose Lay Click Lock Vinyl Plank PVC Flooring loose lay vinyl plank flooring 3mm loose lay vinyl plank waterproof pvc flooring LVT Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring 4mm Waterproof Loose Lay LVT Flooring 

Vinyl Flooring With Fiberglass

4.0mm Vinyl floor planks with fiberglass 3mm vinyl flooring with fiberglass Hot Sales Luxury Vinyl Plank Floorings With Fiberglass 5.0mm fiberglass backed vinyl flooring PVC Vinyl Floor Planks With Fiberglass waterproof vinyl Floor Planks with fiberglass commercial vinyl plank flooring with fiberglass Stone Surface Vinyl Flooring with Fiberglass high quality PVC Vinyl Floorings Tiles With Fiberglass Fiberglass PVC Wooden Vinyl Flooring 

E.I.R. Vinyl Flooring

E.I.R. Surface Vinyl flooring Vinyl flooring with E.I.R. Treatment E.I.R. Matt finish vinyl flooring 5.0mm E.I.R. LVT flooring LVT Vinyl Flooring E.I.R. 2.0mm E.I.R. LVT flooring 3.0mm E.I.R. LVT flooring 4.0mm E.I.R. LVT flooring LVT Vinyl Flooring E.I.R. For sale Hot Sales Luxury Vinyl Flooring E.I.R. 

Deep Embossed Vinyl Plank

5.0mm deep embossed LVT Vinyl Flooring 4.0mm deep embossed LVT Vinyl Flooring 3.0mm deep embossed LVT Vinyl Flooring 2.0mm deep embossed LVT Vinyl Flooring Deep Embossed Unilin click lock vinyl flooring Deep Embossed Click Lock Vinyl Plank Flooring deep embossed loose lay vinyl plank flooring Deep Embossed Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks vinyl LVT flooring deep embossed Deep Embossed Waterproof Vinyl Flooring with Click 

Flooring Accessories

Flooring Moulding

laminate flooring mouldings T-moulding Laminate mouldings stair nose Laminate moldings quarter round Laminate Flooring Accessories Concave line Laminate flooring Accessories Reducer Laminate flooring Accessories Skirting End Cap laminate mouldings WPC Flooring molding T-molding WPC Flooring Accessories T-molding LVT Flooring accessories T-molding 

Flooring Underlay

3mm EPE Laminate Flooring Underlay 3mm EPE underlay with silver foil EPE with double side PE Film 2mm EVA with new PE film 3mm EVA with silver foil 3mm EVA with golden foil 2mm IXPE with new PE film 3mm green IXPE with silver foil 2mm high density IXPE underlay 2mm Rubber Underlay with Silver Foil 

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